Spirit Science-pt. 7

In our seventh and Final episode of Spirit Science, we present a video about the vacuum. I have posted several articles including this one already on the structure of, and importance of the vacuum and it’s structure. Ancient civilizations knew of the vacuum and it’s structure and have been passing it along for eons veiled in religious and mystery traditions. Hope you have enjoyed our presentation of Spirit Science. Subscribe to their station and check out all of their great shows!

Spirit Science – pt. 6

In our sixth edition of Spirit Science, we will look at an episode that discusses the connection between all things. Many spiritual practices around the world tell us that everything is connected, but don’t go into details to explain this idea. In this episode of Spirit Science, our friend Patch does a great job explaining our cosmic connections. Enjoy!!!

Spirit Science-Pt. 3

In part 3 of our Spirit Science series, we take a look at the mathematical principles behind Sacred Geometry. The Phi ratio and the Fibonnaci sequence are the basis of all of creation and Spirit Science lays out multiple examples of theses mathematical structures in nature and art. Enjoy!