Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt. 1

There have been many great minds and geniuses involved with the different esoteric orders of antiquity, but none greater and more accomplished than Manly Palmer Hall. Hall (1901-1990) was a Canadian by birth but later moved to Los Angeles,CA, where he did the bulk of his work and went on to set up the Philosophical Research Society. The Society offered lectures and a grandiose library dedicated to furthering the studies of esotericism, mysticism, hermeticism, and all ancient mythologies and religions. In his twenties, Hall went on to write the exceptional work of esoteric philosophy, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”. In this work, Hall describes and expounds upon all of the great mystery traditions. It remains to this day, a virtual bible of the esoteric and is considered a modern day classic. Hall gave an extensive series of lectures at the Philosophical Research Society, until his untimely and somewhat mysterious death in 1990

In the following video series, we will explore some of Hall’s lectures on various aspects of the esoteric. Hope you enjoy!