The Seven Hermetic Principles-The Principle of Rhythm

Everything moves in cycles and fluctuates. So is the rhythm of the cosmos…

The Principle of Rhythm states that everything in the universe moves through cycles and fluctuates.  This is true of the material, mental and spiritual plane.  We’ve all heard the statement that history repeats itself.  What is not typically realized about this statement is that all cycles repeat and that history is just one in many cycles that repeat over and over again.  The seasons transform before our eyes.  Night turns to day and day to night.  Our emotions ebb and flow.  Periods of sadness are often followed by periods of joy and vice versa. Difficult times in our lives are often followed by periods of relaxation and ease.  Civilizations rise, peak and then inevitably fall. These patterns are always self similar.

Even our lives follow this same cyclical pattern. Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, then death. After death, our spirit goes though a cyclical process of it’s own, progressing from one dimension to another, inhabiting other bodies as it advances in it’s growth. This tide-like ebb and flow is present in all aspects of life, whether it be tiny microbes in water, to giant stars in the heavens.  The only constant is change.

Once the individual can grasp this concept and begin to see the patterns, they can live in harmony with this rhythm.  As is true of all of the Hermetic Principles, the only way to true mastery is through the understanding and integrating these principles into ones life.  It is not until someone has learned to work with the system rather than against it that they will make the next step forward.