The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 8

In this installment, I presented the argument that modern science owes a lot to the Ancient Mystery schools and several esoteric schools of thought. The Royal Society was a group of thinkers/scientists/philosophers who joined together to research and present new concepts and inventions and was made up of individuals who were deeply connected with the ancient traditions of alchemy, Hermeticism, and Freemasonry.

Esoteric Wisdom and the Birth of Modern Science


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Demystifying the Occult

In the War on Human Consciousness, we are being attacked from all sides. This is real War of Terror and it’s being waged against the populace by the Powers-That-Be on a daily basis. This is the longest and most destructive war of all time and it remains invisible to those who’s minds remain closed. It is the job of the media to feed us lies and keep the truth hidden away. This weakens us and makes us feel disconnected. The true weapon of this war is fear propaganda. Fear of disease, fear of other ethnicities, fear of other belief systems. Fear of zombies, for crying out loud! All bogus fear-propaganda. This is rammed down our throats everyday. We are taught to fear the unknown, to hate the differences in one another and to totally ignore the similarities that would unite us. These are tactics used to keep us down. We are taught to fear things that we don’t understand. If we all fear one another, we will have that much harder of a time uniting. This is all done on purpose. We are made to believe that we have no control over this, but this is simply not true. We have control over ourselves and this is key.

Say the word “Occult” and most people quake with fear. The word is most often associated with Witchcraft and Satanism. The word has been criminalized for a very long time. Though Satanism and Witchcraft are occult traditions, this is not to say that they are The Occult. The word occult comes from the Latin work ocultare, which means hidden, or veiled. The secret teachings of these occult traditions are very empowering for the individual. Mysteries of the universe, the psychology of the mind and knowledge of self are a few of these teachings. These teachings help to illuminate the individual and broaden their consciousness. They promote analytical thinking, morals, and freedom of belief. They can unlock doors of the mind that have been closed to us through fear, and this can be very powerful.

Traditions like Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and Hermeticism have been vilified by the media and by society at large. Yet these traditions, have the keys to many doors that have been slammed shut in our minds. These traditions promoted freedom of religion and the belief that all religions of the world are important and powerful. Once the Catholic Church came to ultimate power, anything that challenged the dogmas of their form of Christianity was persecuted and shut down, despite the fact that many of these traditions were the status quo before this happened. The religions of old were made to look foolish and even blasphemous in order to get rid of them. This new form of Christianity held no tolerance for belief in the divine within. You had to go to the Church for all spiritual guidance. They also promoted the idea of “Original Sin” and led people to believe that humanity as a whole was bad and that we deserve to live a painful existence. This was all a ploy to hold the people back from their ultimate potential.

This persecution is still happening to this day, despite the fact that the stronghold of the Church is no longer at work. We are led to believe that the very word “occult” is associated with evil and darkness. This is done intentionally to keep people away. I am here to tell you that not all of the Occult is evil and that some of the occulted knowledge is self-empowering and liberating. If used for the powers of good, it can be the key that sets us free. It can also help us find the great connection that we all have to one another and help us fine common ground. I am encouraging the skeptical to take another look at traditions like Freemasonry, Kaballah, Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, and Gnosticism and see what is really there. You must look for original works by members of these groups and not to works from outsiders. This is where you will find the real insight. Approach this material with caution, but remember that all things in life were a little scary before you understood them.

The Western Mystery Traditions: The Rosicrucians

The Western Mystery Traditions are series of methods of teaching natural laws, spiritual awakening, understanding the soul, and unlocking the divine potential within. The first tradition that I will present is The Rosicrucians. A mysterious fraternity that came seemingly out of nowhere and had a great impact in it’s day. They pushed for individual rights and pursued an inner-alchemy that was to help the individual to awaken spiritually by working upon the self. Here is a short video documentary on the fraternity. Hopefully it sheds light on this order.