The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 5

In this installment, I discuss the sacred geometric structure of the vacuum of space and how these mysterious patterns and geometric configurations have been closely guarded through the teachings of the mystery schools of antiquity. Modern science is validating these ideas more and more each day. In what ways did ancient traditions choose to veil these mysterious symbols?

The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what the Mystery Traditions were trying to teach us?



What Was the True Purpose of the Pyramids?

As we progress in our study of the great pyramids of the ancient world, old paradigms of belief are being dismantled. We have been taught that the Egyptians used primitive tools to carve and sculpt the massive stones used in the construction of the pyramids. Some of these stones weighing over 20 tons. We are also taught that these stones were raised from quarries many miles away from the site where the pyramids were constructed. We are taught that primitive man didn’t have the wheel to help in the transport of these stones. These stories simply don’t add up.

Ancient texts, including the Bible, allude to great miracles that were supposed to have taken place that defy common logic. Scientifically-minded skeptics like to look at these stories as purely allegorical and not meant to be looked at as facts. This is simply a way for modern science to dismiss what it cannot understand or rationally explain using our current understanding of the world. The problem with this paradigm is that it doesn’t take into account the immense improbability of these beliefs actually holding water!

With our modern machinery we have difficulty moving giant blocks of stone even a short distance, let alone miles and miles. When will the scientific community admit that these concepts of how the pyramids were constructed are incorrect? Nassim Haramein comments on the pyramids in many of his lectures. He believes, along with many others that the pyramids may not have been built by humans at all.

Others feel that the pyramids were built by humans, but that these people had been given access to great technologies from visitors to this planet. Call them Sun Gods, aliens, angels, whatever you like. These beings were thought to visit earth frequently in ancient times. Perhaps bolstering our evolution. If the pyramids were constructed by visitors from another world, or by people with access to technology beyond our current understanding, we must admit that their existence really is quite puzzling.

Egyptologists believe that the pyramids were built to be tombs for the Pharaohs, despite the fact that no actual mummies have been discovered in pyramids. The Great Pyramid at Giza has at it’s core, a sarcophagus that was sealed with a huge block of granite. When explorers were finally able to remove the lid to look inside, they found nothing. Just an empty sarcophagus. Their explanation of what had happened to the body of the Pharaoh? Grave robbers! The fact that these same explorers couldn’t find an entrance and had to use dynamite to blast their way into the pyramid does add up with the concept of grave robbers. How could they have possibly gotten into the pyramid and back out of it, put every stone back the way they found it and, be able to remove the giant granite block off of the sarcophagus and then to get it back on unscathed? This story doesn’t add up at all.

If the pyramids were in fact used as tombs for the dead Pharaohs, could they not have other more esoteric uses? As the building blocks of existence, the first Platonic solid to form a 3 dimensional object is a tetrahedron. Although, the pyramids in Egypt have one additional side, this may be a huge clue as to what kind of technology the “Sun Gods” may have had. As Nassim discusses in several of his lectures, the tetrahedron is at the core of creation. When the angular momentum of space is applied to the developing proton, it spins causing a second tetrahedron to be formed interlocked with the other. The shape that it forms is a 3 dimensional Star of David, or Sign of Solomon. It is a balanced system consisting of one tetrahedron pointing one way and the other, the opposite way. This is described through the symbolism of the ancient mystery schools and is being perpetuated even today.

It is thought that this may be the very essence of creation. The structure of the vacuum that hold everything together. In the ancient mysteries, it is taught that the upward pointing tetrahedron, or triangle, represents the masculine power or the power of the physical world, it being phallic-like in nature. The downward pointing triangle is symbolic of the feminine power, it being shaped like a vessel or container. When the two meet and combine, interlocking with one another, balance is obtained and creation has begun.

It has often been discussed that perhaps the pyramids were some kind of resonance chamber or power station. Perhaps they were used to transmit signals into space, or to other pyramids around the planet. The pyramid is a 3 dimensional upward pointing triangle. The male/earthly or animalistic-minded realm portion of the equation. What if, the “Sun Gods” had the other half of this polarized equation and when combined, allowed them to travel to and from the earth? There are several “vents” in the pyramid that seem to align perfectly with several stars in the Orion constellation. Could it be that these vents were used to direct or attract something out in space, or that they were used as energy conduits to extrude energy to something specific?

The Ark of the Covenant was used to transport some sort of powerful object. It was said to have moved large objects and to part the sea. It is theorized by Haramein that the Ark had at one time been with the Egyptians and maybe even used in the pyramids. This would lend credence to the idea of the pyramids being a transmitter and perhaps a source of transportation or a control center for travel. It may be that the “Sun Gods” or aliens may have understood the power of this formation of interlocked tetrahedrons or triangles and used it for a higher and more advanced purpose than we can understand. This is obviously a concept and nothing more at this point, but I thought it would be worth sharing. If the structure of the vacuum, and to creation itself lies in a spinning set of triangular shapes, it seems no coincidence that these great monoliths portray that very shape. Since they are missing their polar opposite they sit dormant on the surface of the earth. What would happen if their polar counterpart (whether it be physical, or merely energy based) should come into contact with them? Perhaps they are a keyhole waiting for their key. Maybe as we advance in consciousness, it will become clear. Only time will tell.