Orgonite-Kryptonite of the New World Order?

In 1940, Psychoanalyst Willhelm Reich began building The Orgone Accumulator. His concept was that the device could harness etheric energy to help heal the sick. His Orgone Accumulator box, consisted of multiple layers of both organic and inorganic materials. The large wooden box (large enough for a person to sit in) had layers of organic, alternating with a layers of inorganic materials, and was lined with steel. The concept was that when someone sat inside it, positive Orgone energy would accumulate inside and the person would heal. Reports indicate that he was having a lot of success with the accumulator. Then, in 1956, the FDA filed an injunction against Reich and his work was ordered to be destroyed. They claimed that Reich was making unfounded claims about the Accumulator and it’s healing properties. Why his work was really ordered to be destroyed is still up for debate. Why did the FDA feel that all of his research needed to be destroyed? Seems a bit harsh to me. They could have simply ordered him to stop production and testing. Many people feel that it was a blatant act of censorship. I tend to agree.

Various individuals continued to champion Reich’s work after his death and censorship. One such individual is Don Croft. Don has developed a new and improved method of working with Orgone. He has created a device called Orgonite. A combination of metal shavings, polyester resin, and a quartz crystal, Orgonite is a compact version of an Orgone Accumulator. What started as an experiment has turned into a world-wide phenomenon. The Orgonite device, transmutes D.O.R.(deadly Orgone radiation) into positive energy. Croft created the term “gifting” in reference to Orgonite, which includes placing Orgonite devices (called “Tower Busters”) near sources of radiation (such as cell towers), and in areas full of negative energy. Croft believes that the D.O.R. created by these cell towers can be neutralized with the placing of Orgonite. Many people feel that this inundation of radiation is done intentionally by the powers that be and is keeping humanity sick, and lethargic. People all over the world are now taking part in this gifting movement.

Making Orgonite is easy, fun, and transformative. Polyester resin can be purchased at hobby stores, or auto parts stores. Metal shavings can be obtained from local machine shops or purchased online. Quartz crystals are very easy to obtain from rock and mineral stores, or from New Age shops. The mold that the resin can be poured into can be something as simple as a muffin tin.

Here is a quick and easy guide to making Tower Busters:

1.) Take a muffin tin (one that you don’t want to use for muffins later…)
2.) Grease the muffin cups with some sort of oil (cooking oil will do)
3.) Put metal shavings in the bottom of the muffin cup (you call also use things like cut up metal scrubbers, or b.b.’s)
4.) Place a quartz crystal on top of, or pressed down into the metal (you can wrap the crystal in conductive wire for a more powerful device).
5.) Mix resin according to the directions included with the resin.
6.) Pour the resin over the top of the metal and crystal. Make sure to cover it entirely.
7.) Let the Orgonite cure (preferably in the sun or outside) for 48 hours.
8.) Enjoy your beautiful new Orgonite device, or gift the nearest cell tower!

Here are a few pics of of some Orgonite devices that I have created. Get creative!





The Deeper You Go, The Higher You Fly

ascension3As one delves into the mysteries it becomes apparent just how deep this rabbit hole really is. With the coming astral alignments and inevitable ascension, we are living in exciting times. This is not something that should be feared, but embraced. The process has already begun. A quickening is happening and is ushering in a new age. We are moving away from an age of duality and moving toward an age of enlightenment and peace. This transformation is picking up pace. Everyday, I discover new blogs, websites, social networks, etc. that are promoting a new form of understanding. Science and spirituality are converging and this will lead to great things. Please everyone, join in the mission. The mission to look within your own conscious and to transmute your negative energy into love. Look hatred in the face and smile. Retaliate with love and knowledge. Be kind in the face of adversity. Be true to morals and virtues. Live the way you envision our Creator would have wanted us to. Now is the time. Let’s make it happen!