The Beginning of Light: A Poem

The beginning of light starts from a spark of interest

You may not know from whence it came, but if you look into it it will overcome you

As your eyes are covered and your other senses take over a world of wonderment leads you on

Your faith will guide you and you should have no fear

As you travel the path to wisdom you will make several circumambulations

This will show you the path of your body and the cosmos

When you finally come to rest, the truths of the ages will be submitted for your taking

You took an obligation as a way to show your worthiness of receiving great knowledge and as you do you should feel your consciousness lift up off the floor

When the lights came up and all your senses are returned to you you discover the order of the universe

This is the first step in climbing the ladder to that Celestial Lodge

Keep climbing and you will reach it


Is Hyper-Capitalism the Enemy of Truth?


The one thing in particular that separates our country with most of the rest of the world is our obsession with capitalist culture. We are the most material-obsessed country in the world and our government is driven by the all-mighty dollar.

This is most obvious in the fact that only the wealthy are able to obtain prominent positions in government. It takes large amounts of money to win a presidency and campaigns are backed by giant corporations and even bigger oil companies. It puts the government “by the people, and for the people” out of reach for most Americans. This is not the way things were intended to work. When our Founding Fathers set about creating a new republic, they envisioned equality.

It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution took over and we became a land of manufacturing that we began our journey into hyper-capitalism. The Industrial Revolution lead to jobs for the people, which was positive, but also lead to power hunger for the company owners. As the world of business moved forward, competition has engulfed our culture. As we all know, competition can be a good and a bad thing. It is when competition becomes cut-throat and ruthless, which is where we have gone so terribly wrong

Now, all of our companies manufacturing work is being sent over seas for cheaper labor, thus weakening our countries job market and creating even more friction. Christmas has become about consumerism rather than celebration of the Birth of Christ. We have allowed our culture to be disposable, just like the products we buy.

This lifestyle stands in direct opposition of the lifestyle which all spiritual teachings present. We who are in search of truths about our existence, and in search of peace and equality MUST be opposed to this material obsession. If we look within to find truth, we must also look around and omit the superfluous. We must see that this version of capitalism leads to decay. Not only does it lead to decay of our civilization, but it is intentionally used to distract us and pacify us. It is meant to knock us sufficiently off course in our journey for the Truth. It is up to US to not let that happen!

Taking the “Con” out of Conspiracy


What is really going on in the world? As we all know, there are some crazy events going on in the world right now. Bombings, paranoia of terrorism, zombie apocalypses, loss of constitutional rights, chemtrails, the list goes on and on. All of the worries that an individual takes on in daily life is astronomical. Fear is the enemy of freedom and will perpetually keep us from the truth. We must cut through the muck of the various conspiracies and get to the truth within.

There is a bizarre dual-edged sword dividing two different factions of conspiracy theorists. On one side of the coin you have the religious fundamentalists, who think that anything outside of their small church community bubble is evil and sinful. Then, you have the freedom fighting, liberal contingent attempting to stand up to the evils of society. Both groups have their pros and cons and hold pertinent belief systems in one way or the other.

Though I would definitely describe myself as one of the free thinking types, I can see the points of some of the religious extremists as well. With these two sides of the coin, there is also an edge. On this edge lies the truth elements that are held within these belief systems. What that leaves is the two broad sides of the coin which hold the bulk of these systems. It is up to us as individual truth-seekers, to see through the extremist beliefs and find the truth in all of this. As a Freemason and activist, I am caught up in the undertow of the conspiracy theory. On one hand, the fundamentalist Christian sees me as a Satan-worshiping heretic. On the other, the freedom movement sees me as a part of the evil, Illuminati-fed, world domination machine.

All of this aside, I joined the Masonic fraternity out of curiosity and my hunger for the truth. I myself used to believe that Freemasonry was evil and that Masons were the scourge of the earth. However, as I grew older and wiser, I learned that to see the whole picture you must experience things. It was a leap of faith that I had to take. In Masonry, I have found a new drive to connect with my spiritual side. In seeking the Mysteries, I have found a path to truth. This is a feeling that I have never experienced before. I have realized that my place in the universe was as important as it is insignificant. I learned that the only way to find the answer is to seek it out.

This is not to say that all things about the Craft are perfect. There are and have been bad people involved in Masonry, along with all other walks of life. The Craft is not today, what it was originally intended to be. It has been watered down like all other paths to truth. This is done to turn off would-be truth seekers. This is the case with most great paths to spirituality and enlightenment. This is a defense mechanism used to ward off those who don’t have the drive to find out for themselves what is really going on. The biblical lessons taught in church are done with dry, emotionless, and dogmatic overtones. This is done to take the life out of truly inspired teachings. These teachings that were meant to liberate and show the path to peace are portrayed as rules that are enforced by a vengeful God. This is all part of the War on Human Consciousness that is taking place and has been taking place ever since the rise of the European nations and their quest for power. All of this aside, you can learn to see through the lies by gaining first-hand experience and by taking chances.

Conspiracy theories exist for a reason. They exist because there are many unanswered questions that we deal with everyday. Trusting our government gets harder to do by the day. Why are so many people out there suffering while the corporations keep raking in the bucks? Why is our economy in shambles, yet we keep going to war over and over and over again? Why is our food being tampered with? Why are our rights being taken away every single day? I don’t have the answers for these questions. No one really does. All that we can do is continue to listen to different points of view, read books, and try to avoid buying the lies. We can continue to seek the real answers. There is a “con” in every conspiracy, but there is also truth. It is up to us as truth-seekers to find our own answers. The answer is within and without everyone and everything.