The Western Mystery Traditions: Freemasonry

I searched high and low for a video that would do justice to this 6th and final presentation of the Western Mystery Traditions. However, anyone who has ever done an internet search on the word Freemason, knows what they will get. Accusations of Satanism, Luciferianism, and general malaise. Freemasonry is often accused of World domination and sun worship. These are just some of the ridiculous accusations leveled toward The Craft. Being an advance initiate of this fraternity, I know what Freemasonry is about and would rather just tell you about it myself. Granted, there are some bad people who are involved and have been involved in Freemasonry now, and in the past, but there are bad people involved in every organization in the world. There are plenty of great people involved as well. Freemasonry is incredibly misunderstood. Hopefully the following will shed some light on this fraternity.
The worlds oldest fraternal organization, Freemasonry has ancient roots. The actual date of the organization is debatable, but some think it goes all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Historians aren’t for sure. We know that the most likely roots are of the medieval stone mason guilds in Europe. These guilds were democratic in structure and consisted of Apprentices, Fellowcrafts, and Masters of the work. The apprentice did the leg work while being taught by the fellowcrafts and after perfecting their work, they would move on to be fellows themselves. After serving as a teacher for some time, they would take over as masters and designers of the building projects. They lived by a moral code and none, but provenly good men were allowed to join the guilds. They prided themselves in learning and had progressive ideas. Many of these ideals had to be kept secret from the ruling monarchies and the Church as these ideas were considered too liberal and a threat to the status quo of rulership. Because of this, they had to keep many of their teachings secret to avoid persecutions. They used complex sacred geometry to build magnificent cathedrals all throughout Europe. They seemed to have a magical grasp on the connection of earth and the heavens.
In one of the more astonishing convergences in history, the guilds began allowing non-stone masons into the group. These men were referred to as Speculative Masons, their involvement being solely based in the spiritual and moral teachings. The men that they allowed in were intellectuals with strongly spiritual and scientific ideas.
Gradually, the Speculative part of the Craft began to replace the Operative and it grew into the organization that it is today. Rituals were developed that had strong moral and spiritual teachings embedded within. Elements of occulted teachings like Alchemy, Hermeticism, Astrology, and Cosmology worked their way into the ritual. The ritual was kept secretive out of necessity, but also to make the work more impacting on it’s initiates. Masonry has become the modern vehicle for and care-taker of these mystery traditions.

Masonry has claimed many famous people among it’s ranks and has had a part in countless historical events that have shaped the modern world. It’s strong beliefs in religious tolerance and democratic system have made it attractive to progressive thinkers and infamous to the early church system.
Due to various hoaxes and a few legitimate events, Masonry has been vilified by society. Many believe that at some point, the infamous Bavarian Illuminati infiltrated the fraternity and have been using it as a tool for world domination ever since. The fact that countless politicians have been promoters of the Craft and it’s ceremonies are secretive has caused many a raised-eyebrow in the general public.
What’s not understood is that the ceremonies are not secret because they contain any information that needs to be kept from the masses, but that the secretive element helps the initiate reflect upon their own character. The psychology of secrecy is used as a test upon the individuals self control. The moral teachings held within the rituals promote integrity, education, virtue, and tolerance. They use the allegory of the building of King Solomon’s temple from the Old Testament as a backdrop. The fraternity promotes kinship, charity, and strength of character to it’s members.
Freemasonry is vastly misunderstood, but it’s true intentions are good. It’s one of the only remaining mystery schools of the ancient world. It deserves to be looked at again. It has helped me to find a path to truth and if used as originally intended can help one to perfect themselves and become a more compassionate individual.