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This is the moment you’ve all be waiting for, right? Many of you may already know which one I am going to choose as the number one post on this blog. I have linked to it multiple times as a kind of over-arching theme and though my studies have revealed some holes in my original ideas, I still stand by it. Hope you all enjoy this one and are enjoying your own journeys as much as I am enjoying mine. Thanks for reading and keep an eye open for new exciting articles coming soon to The Point of a Sharp Instrument!

The War on Human Consciousness

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Attack of the Trolls!

In this Golden Age of information availability on the World Wide Web, it seems there is a new enemy of truth. Hiding anonymously behind a pseudonym or a fake personality is the Internet Troll. Everyone assumes that the Internet Troll is just a regular Joe like you or me, and in most cases they are. However, In some cases this couldn’t be further from the truth of who they actually are.

Why do these trolls spew so much hatred and discontent via message boards and comment sections on various websites? Reading the comments on many websites, makes you really question the mentality of the individuals who post these things. They just seem too vile to be real. Could it be, that they are not real? Or that they are individuals paid by the dark power elite in our world (corporations and the government…) to spread misinformation and hatred across one of the last free and true sources of information we have?

As I was pondering this question, I came across this news story and video:

It turns out that there really are people getting paid to cause trouble on websites and steer people away from important information. This is really no surprise to me, but it is rather frightening and concerning. Not only are they creating fake personalities to submit comments, they are creating multiple personalities using multiple accounts in what has gained the term sock puppet accounts!

If the powers that be are manipulating the Internet like this for these governmental and corporate interests, what’s to say they’re not doing the exact same thing when it comes to information on the esoteric and spiritual side of things? These teachings can help liberate us and that is what makes them dangerous.

I’ve alluded to this before in my blog on the War on Human Consciousness. The information that we’re being given access to has been tampered with.

In the last several blog posts, I have been presenting short animated cartoon shows from Spirit Science, a show about the metaphysical, esoteric, and sacred arts and their relationship to science. It seems that Spirit Science is also under attack by these Internet trolls. When reading the comments on their YouTube site, I was blown away by the negativity and hatred shown towards this peaceful and love-promoting project. Why would anyone feel the need to write an entire diatribe about how wrong the creators of Spirit Science are and how their project is a complete sham? Maybe it’s because they are getting paid or compensated in some way to do this. Take a look at this quote from reklaw samoht regarding an episode on the Chakras:

“My IQ lowered just watching the first minute of this. So basically, there are these vortexes which are in our body and depending on what ‘energy/emotions’ (Bearing in mind that emotions are not energy, they are hormonal responses in the body) and they all maintain our well being?????? If people are willing to believe this then I pity them .”

Yeah, as if people haven’t been talking about Chakras for hundreds of years, and to top it off this guy thinks he understands the entire composition of our emotions! Here’s another quote, this time from Mark Warsame:

“How about a vibrating stick up your ass fucking bullshit video lmao!”

Notice the “war” in his most likely, fake name. Nice one “Troll”!

Some other Trolling comments that I found that just seemed a little unreal, are on an episode of Brainwash Update from investigative journalist Abby Martin. Ms. Martin speaks out against many of the atrocities that our government commits as well as crimes perpetrated by large corporations. In this particular episode, she speaks out on the fluoridation of our water supply:

check out this response from a Troll that just seems a little too knowledgeable about the “good” aspects of water fluoridation:

“It is well established that adequate consumption of Fluoride (3mg/d and 4mg/d for women and men, respectively) is effective for the prevention of dental caries because of its function in apatite formation in teeth and bones, and its inhibition of S. mutans growth. (Source: 1). There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates an association, let alone causation, between fluoridation and osteosarcoma in the United States or other countries (Source: 3,4,5). Ms Martin cherry picks her information and does little to support her claims, i.e. the 1987 National Institute of Dental Research “study” which itself is not a study; but rather a survey which provides data for researchers. That data in and of itself did not examine any relationships. I don’t know which study she is referencing but the article from the Journal of the American Dental Association which examined the data provided by the survey and concluded: ” This study’s findings suggest that molars with fluorosis are more resistant to caries than are molars without fluorosis.” (Source 2). Ms Martin ignores the vast collection of data which support fluoridation and in its place concludes it is a conspiracy for corporations to make money at the expense of the nation. Yes, fluorosis is a real, dangerous concern but not at the concentration in water (0.24mg/cup). The Tolerable Upper Level of fluoride is 10mg/d for men and women 9 years and older (Source 6). Let’s call it like it is: do not look for health and nutrition information from someone as scientifically illiterate as Ms Martin. Fluoride is an effective micro-mineral for preventing dental carries and, at the recommended intake, is safe. I have attached my sources below and would be happy to answer any pertinent questions.”

Does this guy sound like an average consumer to you? Or perhaps someone paid by the ADA? Or perhaps just a confused dental student who has been misled by a corporate-funded educational system. It’s hard to say. The fact of the matter is, this comment fails to mention the real issue with fluoridation, which is the fact that we have no say in whether it should be put into our water system or not. It is basically forced on us by the corporations who create this industrial waste!

These are just a few short examples of some of the negative comments on these sites. I am not trying to say that I think everything that Spirit Science says is a hard fact, I just think that it’s a really great show with a great message. Or that everything in the alternative media is absolutely correct. I’m also not claiming to “know” that these particular quotes are from paid Trolls. They just seem a little too angry to me to be real, but maybe it’s just the direction our civilization is headed in. I think we should all keep an open mind to all different types of information. With all of the Internet Trolls out there spreading disinformation to the masses, it’s hard to know what to believe and this means they are doing their job perfectly. It’s our job to learn to see through these shills and their obviously purposeful use of deception! Next time you read some inflammatory comment in the comments section of a site or on a message board, just know that it may very well be from a paid Troll who wants to deceive!